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YDS Course

This exam, which is prepared and applied by the Student Selection and Placement Centre (ÖSYM), consists of 80 questions in total and the test duration is 180 minutes. The exam is held every April and October. Uzman School Of English which is The best language course in Adana, provides a total of 144 hours of YDS preparation course. The courses are accompanied with two professional teachers and they teach lessons without bothering the students.

Course content and exams from previous years are examined by our professional teachers and are explained in the most simple and understandable manner with their own knowledge and experience. Especially the questions of the last 10 years in vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, fast reading texts are examined and analyzed with dedication. The course participants will be informed with the smallest details.

All training materials and trial exams are offered free of charge to course participants.

What is the purpose of YDS? In which fields it is effective?

  • Academic personnel staff and post – graduate education
  • Associate professor proficiency exam
  • Associate professor proficiency exam
  • Doctorate examination and/ proficiency in arts
  • Research assistant Foreign Language Proficiency exam
  • Diploma Equivalency purposes
  • Preparation Programs
  • Other purposes

What score should I get from YDS ?

At least 55 out of 100 YDS must be taken, and doctorate / proficiency in arts / post- graduate candidates should get 55 points. (65 points out of 100 = 52 correct answers from 80 questions, 55 points out of 100 = 44 correct answers from 80 questions) Uzman School Of English prepares you for YDS exam in the best way.

Some universities may apply their own language examinations to applicants who apply for a master's degree or a doctoral degree. A candidate who achieves this type of examination is required to take the YDS examination and obtain the minimum YDS score (TOEFL or IELDS score) determined by the institution in which he / she participated in. Do not forget that the candidate who does not get the required score within the time determined by the institutions defining the required score in the YDS examination will be revoked and discharged from the institution.

Course Schedule

Week Days Monday
19:00 / 21:30
19:00 / 21:30
19:00 / 21:30
Weekends Saturday
14:30 / 18:00
14:30 / 18:00