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Proficiency Course

What is Proficiency?

Proficiency exams can be given by the institutions or universities. The aim of the Universities proficiency exam is to determine whether the student will go on his/her studies directly without taking proficiency class or not? But on the other hand if the student has attended the proficiency class, this time the aim is to designate if they have completed the class successfully or not.

When Proficiency exam is given?

The Proficiency test dates, which are generally set between the second week of September and the second week of October, are defined by the universities.

What is the content of Proficiency?

The content of the exam differs from university to university but generally it is includes Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension , Listening Comprehension and Essay parts.

What makes Uzman School of English different in Proficiency training?

Teachers of Uzman School of English prepare proficiency programs while they are aware of different style of the exam from different universities.There are different class groups for different universities at Uzman. The exams which have been taken at the universities are the significant part of the provided materials of Uzman. Consequently, we support our students who are going to take part the proficiency test to prevail the techniques and style of it.

Course Schedule

Days Lesson Hours Per Day Per Week Course Period
Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri 14:30-18:00 4 Hours 20 Hours 5 Weeks
Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu 10:00-14:00 4 Hours 16 Hours 6 Weeks