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LYS-5 (Undergraduate placement exam-5) Exam preparation programs

LYS-5 (Undergraduate placement exam-5) is an examination held by Student Selection and Placement center (OSYM). The examination questions are prepared by OSYM each yer. LYS-5 examination is held in the German, French and English languages.

Uzman School of English LYS-5 Exam preparation courses,
  • The students who already have a basic knowledge of English are given an education to enhance their performance on LYS-5, for which some strategies should be known.
  • The education system of this program is based on exam strategies and implementation, therefore it does not contain general English studies.
  • The students can benefit from all the activity classes and social activities at Uzman free of charge.
  • Education materials of LYS-5 examination preparation programs are revised every year and given to our students free of charge and they are strengthened with supplementary materials in accordance with the progress of our students.
  • The progress of our LYS-5 students is closely monitored by holding progress tests on a regular basis.
  • LYS-5 program contains fast and permanent vocabulary practices, detailed grammar instructions, explanation of the questions, progress tests etc.

Course Schedule

Programs Days Time Weekly Lesson Hours Description
11 th grade-LYS-5 Weekend 14:00/17:00 6 hours per week Finishes in 9 months
12 th grade-LYS-5 Week day evening classes 17:30/20:30 15 hours per week Finishes in 9 months
Graduated-LYS-5 Week day Morning classes 10:00/13:00 15 hours per week Finishes in 9 months