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IELTS (International English Language Testing System

IELTS (International English Language Testing System ) IELTS is a 4-step test in which the English language level is assessed. (Listening, reading, writing, speaking).

IELTS examinations that assess your English knowledge and use are being requested by more than 9000 colleges, universities, immigration offices, and employers in more than 135 countries. There are two module options , academic and general education.

Which module to be taken should be determined according to educational, visa or professional purposes for the candidates.

Exam registration and counseling are organised free of charge in Uzman School Of English.

We are always with you in every step you take
It is easy to contact us for exam registration, determining location, exam counselling, cancellation and postpone situations, changes in speaking test days and time, what to do during and after the exam, monitoring exam results and objection to exam results.

Exam Registration
Application are made online via internet. You must register on the internet for the application and determine the exam date and pay the exam fee within 48 hours. Make sure that you add your scanned identity card and passport to the system and that you complete all documents properly and accurately. Uzman School Of English take your exam registration free of charge at our office.

Late Registration
Applications can be made one week prior to the exam. If you do not apply within specified dates, you can register later within a certain time.

Location Determination
It is important to determine in which city you are going to take the exam and how far the location in terms of accommodation and transportation conditions. The exams in Adana are conducted in Sheraton Hotel. The exams other than the city of Adana are conducted in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Bursa and Antalya.

Counselling For The Exam
IELTS is an exam that assesses your ability to use English. You can take advantage of the free consulting services available on four stages of the exam, concentration requirements, tactics and scoring system. In addition to that, if you feel insufficient and did not get the required score from the exams, you can participate in the classes provided by our professional staff every semester.

Cancellation And Suspension
You can cancel the exam and claim a refund 5 weeks before the exam without making excuses. The candidates to suspend and cancel the exam or those who haven’t take the exam may claim a refund for the exams they have signed up for before if they present evidence and declare that the reason for not taking the exam was due to any serious situation or disorder.

  • Serious Disorder – Admission to hospital and serious injury
  • Death or mourning – death of a close family member
  • Difficulty / trauma - committing a crime or becoming a victim of a traffic accident
  • Military Service
  • In case of cancellation and suspension, you need to apply in person or via e- mail.
Refunds are made through bank transactions within 3-4 weeks following the beginning of the process.