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German Language For Family Reunification

In the decision of the European Court of Justice on the condition of family reunification, a German language certificate for family integration is required. This is the German condition of the European Court of Justice…

What is German Language Exam for Family Reunification?

The person who wants to go to Germany with family union must first go to the family unification course in Turkey. At the end of the course, the participant should take the necessary score from the ÖSD and Goethe German qualification examination required by the German consulate. 60 points out of 100 must be taken in the German examination.

What Is GermanCourse Family Reunification?

There are many German courses. We prepare you for the ÖSD and Goethe certifications required by the German Consulate and because of this it will be appropriate for you to take the German course.

The German exam is prepared in accordance with German Education System and provisions of compliance law.

In German courses, if your teachers are trained in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and if they know German culture, your success and adaptation will be better for you.

We send our participants to their partners by providing success in ÖSD and Goethe Family Reunification Exams.

Our Courses opened regularly each month on weekdays and at weekends.